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Werbeturm Möbel Kraft
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Advertising platforms - Striking headers

Werbeturm MetroTension fabric technology (illuminated from the inside)

Tension fabric technology

These are translucent display cases with tension fabric covering, printed on the front with your advertising message and illuminated from the back with fluorescent lamps or LEDs. Images can be rendered by digital four colour and
special colour printing.


• Strong, even illumination
• Easily exchangeable advertising displays
• Excellent colour fastness and UV-light resistance
• Great versatility of formats
• Extremely large advertising areas possible

Werbeturm Max Bahr
Illuminated technology (external lighting)

Illuminated technology

These advertising hoardings consist of aluminium sheets with low-glare, concentrated, projected lighting. The production of the advertising image is achieved either by printing directly onto the aluminium or onto a foil which is affixed permanently to the hoarding.


• Straightforward manufacture
• Inexpensive
• Low-maintenance technology
• Low running costs
• Extremely large advertising areas possible

Werbeturm Max Bahr
Special formats(according to customers' wishes)

Special formats

Of course, the SSG manufacturing department will be happy to develop solutions which meet your special wishes.