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Advertising Towers

For major distribution centres and commercial locations, CI oriented signage systems with plenty of advertising space can be implemented, conveying
your advertising message with maximum visibility and value.

Furthermore, an advertising tower enhances your special status in relation to the competition and offers perfect visual confirmation of the strength of your

We can offer advertising towers and masts in a whole range of models, with highest quality illumination systems (e.g. high pressure vapour lamps).
These minimize running and maintenance costs thanks to low energy consumption and high efficiency.

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Additional benefits

Double or multiply the usage of your advertising tower and increase its impact.
Team up with other companies in the area and share a tower for your joint advertising presence by means of a multi-level construction, i.e. with
platforms arranged at different heights on the tower and with the possibility of adding several sides to each platform.

You can also deploy them simultaneously as floodlights for large open spaces (such as car parks) and/or as antenna or mobile communications masts.

The advantage of this scenario is that no further design work, planning applications, nor additional construction will be required.