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Werbeturm Möbel Kraft


We want you to feel well looked after throughout the entire process, from start to finish. We offer a full service, encompassing each and every stage, from design and manufacture to assembly and maintenance, providing expert assistance from a single source, without any need for sub-contractors, ensuring that you have an overview of all services and budget at all times.


• Site inspection with location planning and visibility analysis

• Calculation of advertising tower height and dimensions, based on logisitical and optical criteria

• Design, 2D and 3D models, graphic animation, statics analysis

• Final approval of construction in collaboration with the customer

• Obtaining foundation soil report, deciding which type of foundation shall be used

• Preparation and assistance for the application procedure regarding planning permissions

• Manufacture of advertising tower in our certified welding workshops

• Foundation preparation

• Delivery and assembly by our expert teams

• Regular maintenance checks through SSG maintenance warranty ensures long-lasting (lighting) performance and functionality