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Masts - Sturdy footing

We exclusively manufacture steel masts in a variety of forms and colours, accommodating your exact wishes and requirements. Steel is particularly durable (far more so than concrete constructions), can be easily recycled and is thus environmentally friendly.
We can offer advertising towers with supporting structures of one or more shafts and

Werbeturm MetroTubular steel mast

Tubular steel masts

Tubular steel masts can be supplied in round or cornered (polygonal) cross sections, suiting your exact requirements and static conditions.
Taller masts comprise several elements which are bolted together. This has the advantage of allowing them to be dismantled and reassembled in another
location. Overall, tubular steel masts are considerably more
durable than concrete structures, for example.

Werbeturm Max Bahr
Steel lattice mast

Steel lattice masts

Depending on the architectural preconditions, a lattice mast can be selected, either as a tubular lattice mast (usually with a triple shaft construction) or as a lattice mast of section steel or bar steel (four shafts). In lattice mast construction, the supporting mast shafts are narrower than their tubular steel counterparts. Stablility is ensured by a number of cross bar elements. Steel lattice masts are just as long-lasting as tubular steel masts, hence selection can be based purely on visual, creative and static considerations.

Werbeturm Max Bahr
Customized design

Customized designs

It is, of course, possible to develop a new design with a specific location, static conditions or visual considerations in mind.
We will be happy to advise you in such cases!

For all of our masts we guarantee the following

• hot-dip or spray galvanized to protect against corrosion according DIN EN 1461
• colour coated or powder coated according to DIN 55633
• accessible from inside or outside
• manufactured according to DIN 18800-7(E) welding production